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Core Training Kung Fu style.

Nitro Kick Kickboxing is the purest form of FITNESS KICKBOXING Created on DVD. 
It combines Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Martial Arts conditioning, and strength exercises, increasing your metabolism, core training, endurance training, and Kung Fu tension exercises for defining the muscles.
This kickboxing workout includes 2 discs packed with Training methods that are assured of getting results for losing the unwanted hard to lose body fat.
Take a look at some of the clips on the Preview Video link.

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What You Learn Working Out To Nitro Kick® Kicboxing

kickboxing side kick

Kickboxing Side Kick

View some of the Nitro Kick combinations and techniques on the video to the left, below are explanations
Learn how to weave properly with hands in place.
The Nitro side kick with an added Plyometric.
Don's Patented Lunge punch technique for added upper body and moving core work.
The old school double jab and punch.
Elbow techniques striking across and upward along with a knee strike.
Double Uppercut and knee strike combination.
Weave and hook to the head on up position. This is a great knockout combo used in many kickboxing and boxing fights.
The Kung Fu Lotus kick that works hips, waist, legs and core.
Straight right cross with weave and front kick.
Traditional low stance straight punch to side with pivot and uppercut.
V-Lift Abdominal exercise to hit the lower abs, which is a challenge for all of us.
Pulling the Bow Tension exercise that works upper and lower body for power and flexibility.
Kung Fu stretch to gain hip, knee and hamstring flexibility all in one exercise.
Another patented lunge strike combination and exercise.
The crane tension exercise for power and flexibility.
A few stances (leg postures) to build leg and spine strength.
An old Kung Fu Chi Gong exercise for standing core work. This is not an exercise along with several of the tension exercises and postures that you will find in other cookie cutter kickboxing workouts.
The reptile turns over tension exercise based on Chinese Chi Gong training.
A straddle stretch technique to attain fast results through proper stretching techniques.
It takes a real Martial Artist to teach kickboxing and Martial Arts techniques, not an aerobics instructor.
Today due to gyms everywhere and competing for business, watered down aerobic kickboxing workouts are everywhere with group training instructors that took a one or two day seminar from a commercial franchising company that threw what is perceived as a pretty kickboxing workout.
I speak the truth about fitness and have been passionate about what I do. At the age of 60, I am in excellent condition and have stayed pure to what fitness and Martial Arts is all about.

Nitro Kick® Real Deal!

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This great Fitness kickboxing exercise workout on DVD and available for direct download works fast for losing body fat, building muscle and toning your body in every area to reshape your entire body. 
There are several segments including abdominal training, flexibility training, cardio training, cardio exercise conditioning, and much more, broken down into menu segments for fast accessibility.  
Along with proper diet I have been able to maintain a physique of a fit person in his 20's.
As a Martial Artist and a man of my word I can assure you that this workout will be challenging, fun and results oriented.

Send us an email with any questions you may have about Nitro Kick. We are more than happy to answer your questions.
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